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Riverpaw. Slowly, responded Evercloud. Evercloud began crawling out on his stomach toward the herd. After Evercloud was about a hundred yards out, Riverpaw turned to his father. He can't be serious about this, can he? Give him his chance. Two hours ped and the herd had not been disturbed by anything. It had been sometime since they had lost sight of Evercloud. Riverpaw's stomach had been gnawing at him and he was beginning to grow impatient. Father, I think you should finish this job. I don't know what state we will be in if Evercloud fails. No, Riverpaw. We have to have faith in each other if we are going to survive out buy instagram likes here. Evercloud needs to do this. Just then, they heard a buffalo cry out. They looked out over the plains at the herd and saw a buffalo fall to the ground as the rest of the herd scattered. He did it, said Riverpaw, astounded. I can't believe it. Are you going to stand there, gawking, or are you going to come get some food? instagram Whiteclaw smiled at his son and roared into the air as the two bears ran toward the kill. You don't fear humans, Riverpaw, because you have never had the misfortune of being hunted by them. The group moved on westward. The day was cooler than many of the previous had been, allowing for easier travel and less irritable dispositions. It had been almost three weeks since they had departed on that promising morning. Evercloud felt like it could have been a lifetime. I still don't see why we should fear humans, Riverpaw shot back at his father. We are bears. Humans fear us. So, if we make it known that we are friendly, they wouldn't want to anger us by google being aggressive. There are things you are not taking into account, Riverpaw. For example, we don't speak to humans, do we? It was true. It was an unwritten law throughout the world that creatures that were not human did not speak to creatures that were human. All bears, as well as other creatures, had been told the stories from the time that they were young of the misfortunes that befell any animal that talked to a human. Riverpaw knew these stories and even Evercloud had heard them. It seemed that most humans had an insatiable curiosity to know everything, why and how. Unfortunately, when they were unable to figure buy instagram likes something out, they would label it as evil and become aggressive against it. This was the overwhelming theme of most of the stories. Of course, the bears had hoped they might be able to change these cirstances with Evercloud as ambador, but that plan had been tabled out of necessity. So pray tell, Riverpaw, how will we let the humans know that we are friendly when the very sight of us sends them into fits? Evercloud will tell them. Of course, Whiteclaw said whimsically, feigning idiocy. A man they have never seen buy instagram likes before, filthy from travel and adorned in clothes they have never seen before, claiming that he can speak to bears, will convince the village that we are friendly. Why didn't I think of that? Evercloud couldn't help but to chuckle at Whiteclaw's sarcasm. Well fine, said Riverpaw. Then how are we going to question villagers about instagram rumors of the Ancients? Don't worry, said Whiteclaw. I have a plan. Let us wait until we reach a stream where we can rest and I will explain it to you. * * * It was another half day before the travelers reached a stream. They dipped their